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Month: April 2020

How we challenged the state-sponsored censorships towards Religious skepticism?

Long before the current atheism, Myanmar has its own scholars and free thinkers who tried to challenge the religious fundamentalism. They tried to challenge the patriarchal system among the religions inside Myanmar such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Some of them were Shin Ukkahta, Ashin Addiccavamsa,  Dhammavihari Shin Nyarna, and Saccavadi (Kyaw, 2020).

Shin Ukkahta was an unorthodox Buddhist scholar whose beliefs and criticisms are really similar to Stephen Batchelor of our time. But as a result, he was sentenced into jail several times for his unorthodox views. Moreover, some of his books and his recordings were censored since todays. Those who tend to republish or re-distribute are also exposed to danger to be sentenced under the religious act of Blasphemy and others religious acts.