"Burmese Atheists" is religious dissent.

Ni Dieu ni maître!

"Burmese Atheists" also educates Myanmar’s youth about atheism, scepticism, and humanism, and promote secularism, liberty, and anti-capitalism ideals (socialism & anarchism).​

League of Burmese Atheists speaks up for atheists everywhere. We support atheists in danger and we educate people about atheism. Our goal is a secular world where social justice is served.​


"Burmese Atheists" hold secular talks and book reading clubs to educate Burmese youths.


"Burmese Atheists" works closely with any individuals or organisations that endorse secularism. Even the religious reformists or renovationists are welcomed to work with us.


"Burmese Atheists" is currently acting as a vanguard for the atheists, humanists and secularists in Burma.

"Burmese Atheists" is planning to operate like an "One Big Union" for the atheists, secularists and humanists in Burma.

"Burmese Atheists" welcome volunteers

At “Burmese Atheists”, we are always looking for volunteers.  We need people to help out with all areas of our work.  This includes organizing campaigns, social media, fundraising, accounting, and research to name a few.  You will work with people from around Myanmar and help atheists everywhere.