Good without Gods – Project 3

With our “Good without Gods – Projects (3)”, Burmese Atheists managed to contribute some basic necessities for

  • For the Hood For the People

“Burmese Atheists” expresses gratitude to Humanist Global Charity for their contributions to assist those in need.

Since “Burmese Atheists” has connection with some of the well-known charity groups and local humanist groups in Myanmar, we are currently trying to fundraise certain amount of funding to distribute canned food, medicines, basic nutrients, and portable shelters for the workers, laborers, children,and families who are in need.

For the People, For the Hood is a mutual aid networkhosting community relief programs such as free-lunch programs and so on.

  • Their slogan is “no charity, solidarity”.

However, since the whole GDP, GNP and the economy of Myanmar is currently in disastrous state, they’re struggling, Burmese Atheists is trying to raise the capital for them to continue their mutual aid project (free-lunch program).

Here are some of the pictures that were taken. The photos are being used with consent. The photographs are posted here to spread the idea that good deeds can be accomplished by morally upright people who do not believe in or fear God.