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We are a non-profit advocacy association which ought to seek for the normalization of religious dissent, to educate Myanmar youths on atheism, agnosticism, scepticism, secularism, science, research methodologies, authentic scientific theories, philosophies and non-religious moralities.


The earliest international record of Burmese atheist is “Kyaw Moe Khine” whose nickname is Bart. He is an ex-Muslim who exposed the discrimination that most of the Myanmar Muslims face inside a Theravada Buddhism dominant country.

Even though we have no connection with “Ko Kyaw Moe Khine”, such sort of outcast atheists meet with each other and a new idea was born. It’s how our association which is named “Burmese Atheists” is born.

Reference: Public Radio International, “A Burmese atheist who takes inspiration from George Carlin and Bart Simpson,” 29 December 2015. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 25 April 2020].


Developed by Hein Htet Kyaw